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DreamMix TV World Fighters characters

Nintendo GameCube/PS2 - 2003 - Konami/Takara/Hudson



  1. Rohan has an unhealthy obsession with Pretty Woman.
  2. He hates a 16 year old boy with a burning passion.
  3. He turns people into books and invades their privacy for research.
  4. He ate a spider.
  5. When a dead girl asked him to reveal her killer he tried to leave.
  6. He defied time and space to meet a deadline.
  7. Who is Rohan Kishibe?

don’t forget he let his house burn down so he could catch a 16 year old cheating at a dice game

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daffy duck sees terry bogard while playing space jam


shine bright like an overly detailed anime eyeball drawn by a seventh grader on their math homework


Can we take a moment to appreciate the effort Teletoon’s animation studio went through to convey raw emotion? In this scene, you can see the disappointment and depression in Donkey Kong’s eyes as he’s told, rather than become resurrected to save his friends from doom, that his acquaintance, Eddie the Yeti, would rather go for a Snow Cone. The emotion conveyed in this scene rivals Pixar quality, and no other animation studio has ever come that far. Never has such an animation studio than Teletoon’s conveyed emotion at an early age of CGI, and that’s why Donkey Kong Country is my favorite show ever.

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